2018 Hurricane Season Update: Increased Activity

The 2018 hurricane season has been a rather mild one as not much activity has formed in the Atlantic, Caribbean, and Gulf of Mexican, yet that trend seems to be on the cusp of changing.

There are many variables that affect the probability of storms developing, and these variables are shifting, lending to more activity and storm development in the coming weeks. One of the reasons for the increased activity is that wind shear, which tends to rip apart developing storms, appears to be decreasing. Without high wind shear these storms are more likely to progress into tropical storms and categorized hurricanes. Other atmospheric changes indicate for a busy September, as we are now noticing.

Evidence of these changes can now be seen as two tropical storms, Florence and Gordon, are gaining strength and are forecast to effect the eastern U.S. and Gulf Coast region. Awareness and preparation of this increased activity should be of upmost importance, as even tropical storms and low-grade hurricanes can produce flooding, high winds, and overall damage.    

September is the peak month for hurricane season, so for more information and to better prepare for these upcoming storms please visit https://www.eritn.com/registration