ER-ITN Outreach Update

The 2018 Hurricane Season has officially begun, which means preparation for these inevitable storms is greater than ever. Outreach to local areas in Mississippi has been a large focus of that preparation over the past few weeks and many locations throughout the state are becoming further educated on the reentry program to guarantee their response efforts are maximized when an event occurs.


Monroe County, MS


The Monroe County LEPC had their quarterly meeting last month, which allowed ER-ITN to present and educate public organizations and emergency responders on the program and how we can expedite the recovery effort when a disaster occurs. Members from the Board of Supervisors, local school officials, and divisions of emergency response for local private companies were all in attendance and will be utilizing the program in their respective organizations.


Biloxi, MS


Further outreach has been made in Biloxi over the past month as local law enforcement, as well as the city, have been educated on the program and will now be implementing it into their reentry procedures. This is a crucial time for Biloxi as hurricane season is about to increase, so implementation of the program will give them an added preparedness for any event going into August, September, and beyond.


Jackson County, MS


The quarterly Jackson County LEPC meeting occurred last month and emergency response was a central topic. Many organizations within Jackson County currently utilize the program for reentry access and our presentation allowed other organizations to become further educated so they too can gain reentry access for the 2018 hurricane season or any event in the future.


Education and outreach within various communities has been and always will be a goal for ER-ITN. We seek to prepare organizations for inevitable events and that is especially true now and in the upcoming months of hurricane season. Please visit our registration page at  if you would like learn more and to register your organization and better prepare for any event in the future.