Access Level Definitions


Access Level 1 – Immediate / Unrestricted Access (Color Code = Red) Immediate and unrestricted access will be granted to:

Estimated Reentry Time: 0-12 hours Post Event*

  • Municipal Fire and EMS

  • Local, State and Federal Law Enforcement, Homeland Security and Emergency Management

  • Military (including National Guard and Coast Guard)

  • All other Emergency Response Personnel providing support of CI / KR (based upon the discretion of local authorities)

  • “Ride-Out” personnel that are authorized to stay within an area during a major event.

  • Critical Lifeline Sector Organizations

Access Level 2 – Response Support (Color Code = Yellow)

Estimated Reentry Time: 12-24 hours Post Event*

Critical Infrastructure / Key Resources Rapid Response Teams and Subject Matter Experts including, but not limited to, municipal utilities, public works, public health, water, lighting, transportation and communications (at the discretion of local authorities, with preregistered and prequalified CI / KR contracted to support Access Level 1 as first priority)

  • Personnel on the staff of Hospitals with Emergency Departments

  • Security Personnel (preregistered / prequalified)

  • Official Damage Assessment Teams (FEMA, State, and Local)

  • Critical Infrastructure / Key Resources Damage Assessment Teams

  • Other designated personnel at the discretion of local authorities (i.e. First Aid, EMACs, Mutual Aid, CERT, etc.)

Access Level 3 – Recovery Support (Color Code = Green)

Estimated Reentry Time: 24-48 hours Post Event*

  • Relief Workers

  • Healthcare personnel not included in Access Level 1

  • Animal Rescue, Research & Care Organizations

  • Other CI /KR and business operators considered critical to recovery efforts (based upon the Discretion of Local authorities)

  • ther personnel approved at the discretion of the local authorities

Access Level 4 – Rebuild / Repopulate (Color Code = Blue)

Estimated Reentry Time: 48+ hours Post Event*

  • All other business operators and residents (as appropriate, subject to safety issues)

*The estimated reentry times are based off of previous events and will be variable based on the size and scope of a specific event.