Welcome to the ER-ITN Access Program Website!

The ER-ITN Access Program supports the Mississippi and Louisiana reentry efforts through the Mississippi Emergency Access Program (MEAP) and the Louisiana Statewide Credentialing Access Program (LSCAP). Our Program's goal is to ensure that your organization is prepared for any potential disasters throughout 2019, and that you have the necessary Reentry Access Placard to get through applicable State and Local Law Enforcement checkpoints. 

In 2019, in addition to supporting both Mississippi and Louisiana, the ER-ITN Access Program is now a participating program of the new Department of Homeland Security (DHS) CERRA Effort. This effort is designed to ensure that program's like ER-ITN are interoperable nationwide, so that organizations across the country are able to coordinate access after Emergency Events. 

Please take the time to review all the resources we have to ensure you are registered and are authorized for Access after Hurricanes or other events for 2019!

The ER-ITN Reentry System


To learn more about the Reentry Access System during the 2019 Hurricane Season and the steps required to register and receive access , please click below. 

2019 Reentry Registration

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To register with the ER-ITN Access Program and receive access during 2019 into both Mississippi and Louisiana, please click below.

The National CERRA Effort


To learn more about the National DHS CERRA Effort and to understand why program's nationwide are joining the effort, please click below.