Tropical Storm Gordon - Recap and Response

Tropical Storm Gordon never reached hurricane status but was a destructive storm nonetheless. Gordon struck the Gulf Coast near Pascagoula, Mississippi on Tuesday, September 4th at 70mph, just shy of hurricane strength. This impact into the coast caused for destructive winds and a storm surge that created high waters and flooding. Rainfall reached up to twelve inches in some areas and high winds were at fault for downed trees and powerlines. More than 27,000 residents were without power as Gordon began pushing ashore, yet electricity was restored rather quickly.

The fast response and adequate planning by state, local, and private sector officials minimized the loss and destruction imposed by Gordon. Governors in Alabama, Mississippi, and Louisiana all declared states of emergency, better mobilizing state resources and National Guard troops responding to the storm. Coordination between both the public and private sector was represented in the ease of access received by organizations utilizing the Reentry Access Program. All organizations requiring access received their documents prior to the storm and were able to access their facilities without any reported problems.

Tropical Storm Gordon seems to just be the beginning of what could be a very active hurricane season within the Gulf and Atlantic. Activity in both regions is rapidly increasing and preparation for future storms needs to be a priority in the upcoming weeks and months.

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