2018 Events

Louisiana/Mississippi Freezing Event (ACTIVE: January 16th-18th)


Information: There are multiple reports of freezing and ice storms on major roadways ranging from Eastern Louisiana to Northern Mississippi. In certain localized areas major roads have been shut down by the state law enforcement in each respective jurisdiction. 

Timetable: The major freezing is expected occur between January 16th-17th, with the possibility of some residual freezing on the 18th.

Activation Status: There is no specific activated event as the event has no specific name or location. All events placards and local specific placards will be accepted as per the JSOP in each jurisdiction affected.

Applicable events for Freezing:

  • LA - All Events
  • MS - All Events
  • LA - (Jurisdiction Specific)

Activation Note:

The ER-ITN Access Program will try to provide information as soon as possible regarding possible access and checkpoints. Please keep your placard with you when in transit as a precaution in case the information is not made available in a timely manner.

Please visit the Frequently Asked Questions Section and the LSCAP and MEAP sections for more information regarding how the program operates.

Road Closures:

Please visit the Mississippi Department of Transportation (MDOT) closures website for up to date information on road closures https://www.mdottraffic.com/