2018 Hurricane Season Update

The 2018 Hurricane Season is finally upon us, which means planning and preparation needs to be a priority to insure your business is prepared for these inevitable storms.

Data acquired by The Weather Company shows a prediction of 11 named storms, including four hurricanes, two of which being Category 3 or higher intensity. These figures are near or slightly below seasonal average.

This slightly below average prediction should not deter you from being equally as prepared as years past, as we all know these storms can be highly unpredictable and extremely destructive. The 2018 Hurricane Season is strongly resembling the 1992 Hurricane Season, where there were only six named storms and one subtropical storm. However, one of the named storms was Hurricane Andrew, which was a devastating category 5 hurricane, the most costly natural disaster in U.S. history at that time.

It is nearly impossible to predict for certain what the 2018 Hurricane Season will look like but even a weak tropical storm can create major impacts, particularly if it moves slowly and triggers flooding rainfall. It only takes one or two storms to have a destructive hurricane season.

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