Preparing for the Season: Partners in Preparedness Summit 2018

This week is the annual Partners in Preparedness Summit, hosted by a variety of agencies and response focused groups in Mississippi (MEMA, MSDH, etc.). This summit highlights the importance of the Mississippi Emergency Management Agencies message of being prepared for the upcoming hurricane, as well as any other potential disasters on the horizon. 

This event was highlighted by several speakers who referenced the struggles of Hurricane Harvey and the issues surrounding access on the coast during that devastating storm. This point of emphasis, in addition to the several other's surrounding preparedness, highlighted the importance of not only being prepared, but also having a continuity plan in place.

Our goal at ER-ITN is to ensure that every organization in both Louisiana and Mississippi is prepared for the 2018 hurricane season and understands the value of both readiness to prepare as well as readiness to response. 

We hope that you'll take some time to review, as well as our information regarding access, to ensure you know exactly what you need before the next disaster strikes.