Hurricane Harvey - Louisiana's Second Event

Hurricane Harvey hit the US Gulf Coast this past week and represented a devastating and catastrophic level event to Texas and supporting private businesses in the gulf coast. However, one of the facts that has seemingly been left out of national news coverage is that Louisiana also felt a large impact from Hurricane Harvey due to the combined flood and wind damage for this powerful storm.

Fortunately for the private/public organizations located in these areas our emergency access program was established and prepared to support the businesses of these affected areas with expedited access through law enforcement checkpoints.

As a whole, over 1,000 vehicles used their individual Vehicle Placard to gain access through a checkpoint and back to their facilities. These organizations ranged from multiple sectors including but not limited too Healthcare, Emergency Management, Communications, Public Utilities, Hazardous Materials, and Logistics. This represented an excellent use of the program where businesses could access their facilities quickly without any concern of being stopped or held up at local/state checkpoints.

For more information on how to register with the program and ensure you have access please visit: How to Register in LA/MS and Receive Access?