Hurricane Irma - Lessons Learned

Hurricane Irma represented the second massive storm of the 2017 Hurricane Season and continued the trend of this very active season. Hurricane Irma showed the exact reason organizations and emergency responders need to focus on resiliency and preparation before a storm.

This Hurricane was not only massive in width, stretching at times over 200 miles of Tropical Storm force winds, but also showed the need for coordination within Recovery. As the current recovery efforts in Florida are ongoing, it has become clear that there is little communication between private businesses, individuals, and law enforcement in understand who should receive access, at what point they are allowed access, and at what checkpoints they should enter in order to get access.

This lack of defined Emergency Access Program resulted in frustrated citizens, confused organizations, and an unnecessary economic burden. This represents the problem that MEAP and LSCAP have worked to solve and stands as a clear reminder of why registering for access prior to an event can not only save time but also help your organization recover in days as opposed to weeks.

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