Tropical Storm Cindy - FIrst Active Event of the Season

Tropical Storm Cindy

Tropical Storm Cindy marks the first active event of the 2017 Hurricane Season. This event resulted in major flooding to occur in Louisiana as well as localized flash flooding in the three southern most counties in Mississippi. This storm stands a reminder of the impact of tropical events, even minor tropical storms, and the ramifications of the their impact with or without significant wind damage.

ER-ITN Access Program Response

The ER-ITN Access Program was able to respond swiftly and efficiently to the first active event of the season. In the span of 4 days between June 20th-24th, the program was able to register over 100 new organizations and ensure they were prepared with vehicle placards in the event of a evacuation or reentry requirement to their facilities. This event represented an excellent opportunity for the program to prepare for larger events and work towards the constant improvement in the process of reentry to ensure organizations and individuals can recover as fast as possible.

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