Partners in Preparedness, Louisiana State Police, and the 2017 Hurricane Season

The 2017 Hurricane Season has officially started, and with it comes the necessity for all organizations to prepare for the possibility of a tropical event.

This season has been predicted to be an above average in the Atlantic. This specifically means that their is above a 75% chance that the season will be either average or above average in terms of tropical storms. This signals the importance of preparing for a hurricane and eventual reentry by setting yourself up with the ER-ITN Access Program.

Partners in Preparedness Summit

With the start of Hurricane Season came the Partners in Preparedness Summit. This event allows local counties, law enforcement agencies, the national guard, and state emergency management agencies to come together to discuss the preparation requirements for the year as well as various emergency management updates. This conference was unique this year in that it emphasized the importance of preparation in all aspects, ranging from the resources required to protect your facilities from a storm to the eventual access required after a storm. This showed the continued support of the state of Mississippi for using and implementing the access program for all tropical and local emergency events.

Louisiana State Police

The Louisiana State Credentialing Access Program (LSCAP) is implemented by the Louisiana State Police and their renewed use of the program has been clear by their efforts to continually communicate the value of the program throughout Louisiana. The goal of the ER-ITN Access Program is to support LSCAP and the registration and enrollment of organizations in order to ensure that everyone is prepared once they reach a Louisiana State Police Checkpoint.