Preparation for the 2017 Hurricane Season

The official start of the 2017 Hurricane Season on the Gulf Coast is June 1st, 2017. In preparation for this date there are several things you should look for, and consider as the season begins:

1) Is your business prepared for a Hurricane?

Both Louisiana and Mississippi offer various resources that can allow you to get a leg up on preparation for a hurricane. For a business one of the most valuable resources is developing a resiliency plan in case of an emergency.

This resiliency plan should include: What actions should be taken for an impending Hurricane, What personnel are required to operate during or directly after a storm, and what necessary precautions are required prior to a storm's arrival.

2) Is your business prepared for what happens AFTER a hurricane?

Once the hurricane is over, your business needs to start the process of response, damage assessment, and recovery. In order to do this you will require access to your facilities. Access after even a minor storm can be restricted and this will may require using the ER-ITN Access Program in order to reenter into your facility. 

If you believe you will need access after a disaster make sure to go to the Frequently Asked Questions section to better understand your access requirements and your time of access. 

3) Weather Forecasting

When a disaster is going to occur it's always difficult to understand which weather forecasting to trust. The ER-ITN Access Program, and several other state agencies, traditionally use the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) to look at the long and short range models for various tropical events. This is the source we recommend you check, and the one we will provide our updates from.

NOAA Hurricane Forecasting: