Hurricane Nate - Quick Access and Response

Hurricane Nate was a fast moving storm that made landfall in Louisiana and Mississippi on Saturday, October 7th. This storm formed in the lower portion of the Gulf Coast and required an expedited response time, shrinking the timeline from the usual 10 days, to roughly 3 days of preparation. The storm made landfall as a Category 1 Hurricane and was an excellent representation of the response and coordination that has developed within the past 10 years. Hurricane Nate caused minimal damage due to the strong infrastructure in both states and the coordinated resulted in fast access for organizations, emergency responders, and public agencies.

This access was an excellent representation of the ease of access that has developed under both the Mississippi Emergency Access Program (MEAP) and the Louisiana State Credentialing Access Program (LSCAP). All organizations requiring access received their documents prior to the storm and we're able to access their facilities and sites without any reported problems. This seamless coordination from response to access shows how well both programs can operate even in unconventional storms such as Hurricane Nate.

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