Hurricane Florence (ACTIVE September 11th-)

Credit: NOAA

Credit: NOAA

Information: Hurricane Florence is currently heading West/Northwest towards North Carolina and Virginia. This storm is expected to reach Category 5 and weaken to a Category 4 as the center of the storm makes landfall between Wilmington, NC and Norfolk, VA. This storm is anticipated to affect jurisdictions ranging from South Carolina to Southern Virginia.

Timetable: Hurricane Florence is expected to make landfall between 12:00 PM Thursday, September 13th to 8:00 PM Thursday, September 13th.

Activation Status: There will be an active event known as VA - Hurricane Florence. No other events in the system will be applicable to this storm.

Applicable events for Hurricane Florence

  • VA - Hurricane Florence

Activation Note:

The ER-ITN Access Program will try to provide information as soon as possible regarding possible access and checkpoints. Please keep your placard with you when in transit as a precaution in case the information is not made available in a timely manner.

Please visit our other resources for Virginia Reentry to understand how to get registered and receive access for this event