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Virginia Registration Process

Step 1: Registration


The first step in joining the ER-ITN Access Program is Registration. The registration process requires you to fill out a quick online form that indicates basic information regarding your organization and it's reentry access needs.

Once you have submitted your registration, a support representative will send you an email and, if needed, can assist you with the next step.


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Step 2: Verification


The ER-ITN Access Program will verify your organization, ensuring that it is approved for access into the State of Virginia and assign a specific access tier to your organization for reentry purposes.

This process is estimated to take anywhere between 1-24 hours depending on the nature of your organization.

Learn about the Reentry process ->


Step 3: Receive Your Reentry Placard!

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Once your organization has been verified you will be sent an email with your organization’s Reentry Placard. This Reentry Placard will be utilized at checkpoints and allow you access into Virginia during Hurricane Florence.

Please keep in mind that these Reentry Placards can only be utilized by employees of your organization.

Learn about the Reentry process ->