2019 Hurricane Season Is Upon Us!

The 2019 Atlantic Hurricane Season is officially here, as June 1st marked the beginning of what experts predict to be an above average active hurricane season.


Experts say they are predicting a season consisting of nine to fifteen named storms. Two to four major hurricanes, storms at Category 3 or higher, are expected to form between now and November 30th. These predictions are similar to the 2018 season, as we saw two major storms make landfall along the east coast and Gulf of Mexico, causing billions of dollars in damage and claiming dozens of lives.


This high activity seems to be a trend as the Atlantic has experienced warmer surface temperatures since 1995, and as a result the region has been experiencing a “high activity era.” Higher surface temperatures, coupled with a stronger than average West African monsoon, is expected to increase the odds of hurricanes in 2019.


These predictions should advise everyone to be prepared and ready for any storms that may hit in 2019. Organizations need to be prepared to respond to any event that may affect their business operations. It only takes one destructive storm to make for a devastating hurricane season.


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