ER-ITN Freezing Event (Louisiana/Mississippi)

In January of 2018 ER-ITN was activated for it's first "Freezing Event". This event was characterized by heaving freezing on major state roads (Ex. I-10). This forced state law enforcement to temporarily close bridges and certain areas of major state roads for public safety. As a result of these closures, certain vehicles needed access into these areas and used their Access Placards in order to do so. 

This event highlights the many applications that an Emergency Access Program can have within a jurisdiction. Not only do these programs apply to Hurricanes and major storms, but they also have applicability for winter weather events, and even non-emergency events (concerts, etc.).

In addition, once an organization is registered within the system they have the flexibility to both use the system during major events and also use it within their own facility for access! The systems ability adapt to all situations allows it to be used for a variety of different solutions.

If your'e interested in using your system for more than just major events our staff can give you access to the Verify Application (for your facility) which will allow you to use the system for various different access situations!

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