A Harsh Winter Ahead

The 2018 hurricane season has officially ended which means winter is right around the corner. The threat of disaster from hurricanes is significantly decreased this time of year but winter also brings its’ own challenges and inconveniences. The combination of lower temperatures and precipitation lend to possible icing situations, causing major road closers, power outages, and an increased likelihood of accidents.


The likelihood of such icing events to occur this winter in Louisiana and Mississippi is high. The Farmers Almanac predicts “southeast Louisiana and Louisiana as a whole could see stinging cold with average amounts of precipitation this winter”. The 2018-19 winter outlook was recently released, predicting teeth-chattering cold for several states. Other regions of the country will also experience a cold and harsh winter.


An example of how a harsh winter can affect an area occurred last season, as a January freezing event affected both Louisiana and Mississippi. This event caused heavy freezing on major state roads (Ex. I-10), which forced state law enforcement to temporarily close bridges and certain areas of major state roads for public safety. Vehicles needing access through these road closures utilized our placards to do so.


Constant preparedness is key to making sure your organization is ready for any event throughout the year. If you’re interested in receiving expedited access for any eventual event this winter please follow https://www.eritn.com/registration/.