MSRWA and ER-ITN Partnering to Provide Access to Water/Utility Companies

ER-ITN is excited to continue a partnership with the Mississippi Rural Water Association (MSRWA). This partnership has strengthened in 2017 and will result in ER-ITN and MSRWA partnering at various MSRWA events.

ER-ITN will be working to enroll and register water companies in the Mississippi Emergency Access Program. We feel it is an absolute priority that water companies are prepared for reentry in 2017 and in future, and will put our full effort to ensure they're prepared for the upcoming season!

MSRWA Events with ER-ITN Participation

June 6th - MSRWA Training Session (Biloxi Convention Center)

June 20th - MSRWA Facility Training Session (Raymond, MS)


Learn more about the Mississippi Rural Water Association here: