Geolocate your personnel.

Use the ER-ITN Access geolocation feature to track personnel On and Off-Site at your facility. 

The ER-ITN Access Program offers a Mobile and Desktop Application that allows your organization to track personnel using GPS and Bluetooth Beacons to create an access area for your facility and the capability to track vendors as well as On-Site/Off-Site personnel.


√ Geolocation Tracking for your Personnel.
√ Bluetooth Integration that allows tracking within 5 feet.
√ Issue Badges to Track Vendors and your Employees.
√ On/Off-Site Tracking.

Integrate geolocation with your Mobile and Vehicle Placards.

√ Separate personnel by any classification.
√ Use your Reentry Placard for both events and daily access
√ Allow administrators to issue Reentry Placards at any time.

A Reentry Vehicle Placard can be used to track personnel and be delivered in a Mobile Form, allowing your organization to track personnel daily for access and keep a separate lists of essential personnel.


Customize your Access needs with one touch.


Use the ER-ITN Access Application to create unique access areas based off of your organizations needs.

All organizations are different and each needs to customize access into their facility, for possible transit destinations, and for satellite locations. Our application allows an organization to easily you to set one or multiple access zones to ensure you can track access into and through all essential areas.

√ Set unique access areas based off your facility.
√ Draw access zones directly on your mobile device.
√ Adjust and add access areas real-time.

Set up notifications and coordinate real-time.


The ER-ITN Access Application allows you to coordinate with and message personnel in the field at any time.

Managers and administrators can use the messaging features to coordinate access areas with personnel, set up automatic messaging for various areas around a facility, and manually message personnel or groups to support real-time coordination.

√ Securely contact personnel in the field for immedidate updates.
√ Set up automatic notifications and messaging for your organization.
√ Group personnel to send out specific communications in real-time.

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